BEWARE: NOOM APP Review | Watch This Before You Buy

BEWARE: NOOM APP Review | Watch This Before You Buy

December 13, 2018 | More from Noom

BEWARE: NOOM APP Review | Watch This Before You Buy


Keep watching to see all that happened. Consumers, beware. UPDATE as of 10/5/2018 BELOW.

Noom emailed me numerous times, wanting me to get on the phone with them. I asked over and over what they wanted to talk about, as everything I needed to say is here. They were still not very straightforward and merely kept saying “so we can improve.” After a lot of back and forth, they offered me $50 (which doesn’t cover the over $60 I was charged), but I took it. This situation was then passed over to a higher up, and I said that he could ask me anything over email, as I will be working all day and we’d play phone tag. He disregarded what I said and gave me his schedule for a phone call. I realized that this was not the kind of company that exhibits empathy or even acknowledging that they were about to inconvenience me further. It was only about their needs. I was not interested in having anything NOT in writing, so dismissed his request for a phone call. Because I had to dispute this on my credit card, my Itunes ID was shut down. I had to sit on the phone for over an hour to get this resolved. Again, because of Noom.

I cannot say this enough, BEWARE.

#NewYorkStateAttorneyGeneral, #BetterBusinessBureau, #BadReview

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