Doctors Blunders: Heavy Periods? You need a biopsy!!

Doctors Blunders: Heavy Periods? You need a biopsy!!

March 31, 2019 | More from Keto

Doctors Blunders: Heavy Periods? You need a biopsy!!

Heavy Periods

A Case of Heavy Periods in Peri-menopause

One of my readers shared her case with me: She we experiencing increasingly heavy periods at the onset of peri-menopause so she went to se her MD.

The doctor suggested a Biopsy! 

She refused the biopsy and luckily found me instead.

Why would the doctor recommend a biopsy and why is a biopsy dangerous??

A biopsy is used to diagnose endometriosis, other uterine infection or the presence of cancer cells. (1)

Why is a biopsy dangerous?

Most doctors or resources will just tell you that a biopsy only comes with a small risk of infection or bleeding (2)

In reality a much bigger risk exists. It’s the risk to spread or activate cancerous cells.(3)

In many cases when left alone cancerous cells will never proliferate or spread to other areas of the body. When an invasive procedure like a biopsy touches the cells and puts them in contact with lymph or blood stream, they are most likely to travel to other sites and attach to healthy cells and start new tumor growths.

So what to do instead?

Ultrasounds and whole body thermography can be an excellent alternative to biopsies, (3)  but you might have to research and pursue that avenue on your own.

What about the Heavy Bleeding?

So let’s get back to my reader’s case. So what would be a better option to diagnose the source of her heavy bleeding?

As cases of Estrogen dominance are quite common in peri-menopause, this is not necessarily a case of endometriosis, so in my case an invasive procedure is absolutely not justified.

Here are some of the possible scenarios of what is goin on with her:

  • Estrogen dominance
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • General hormone imbalance

To determine the real case of the heavy periods here is what testing options I would have recommended instead!

  1. A comprehensive female hormone SALIVA panel
  2. A comprehensive thyroid serum panel
  3. An adrenal function SALIVA test
  4. Possibly a full blood panel

Even just the first one of those 4 tests would have given me more information about her case than a biopsy!

What to do next..

In her case once assessed what the issue is, I would address the hormonal balance, supporting the endocrine glands involved.  Of course look at her diet and lifestyle, to make sure she transitions to a therapeutic keto paleo lifestyle!

I hope you have found this article interesting. Please feel free to comment and ask questions below and share with a friend who might be interested in hearing this information!




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