How to Make Shepherd’s Pie | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

How to Make Shepherd's Pie | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

January 10, 2020 | More from Most Popular

How to Make Shepherd’s Pie | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

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Looking for a one dish meal? This savory pie combines juicy, tender ground beef with creamy, mashed potatoes and crunchy vegetables topped with brown gravy. Enjoy a hearty one-and-done meal that’ll keep you warmed up all winter.

Classic Shepherd’s Pie Ingredients:
– Ground beef
– Instant mashed potatoes
– McCormick® Brown Gravy Mix:
– McCormick® Garlic Powder:
– McCormick® Onion Powder:
– McCormick® Ground Black Pepper:
– McCormick® Parsley Flakes:
– McCormick® One Beef Stir Fry & Vegetables Seasoning Mix:

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