Success with Keto for Women!

Success with Keto for Women!

March 21, 2019 | More from Keto

Success with Keto for Women!

Keto for Women: An intervew with Sawn Mynar

Today I am pleased to have my dear friend Shawn Mynar here with me on The Keto Paleo Life. We both specialize in ketogenic lifestyle for women and we’ll be talking about all sorts of things related to women and keto. Earlier this year I joined Shawn on her podcast, The Keto For Women Show, and we discuss the process of keto-adaptation. Take a listen HERE if you haven’t already.

Hope you enjoy!

The keto community is very much male-dominated and there’s isn’t a lot of help out there for women, especially when it comes to hormones. Doctor’s will rarely point to the importance of diet when diagnosing their patients and the truth is that the food we eat is very much at the center of any illnesses we experience. Both Shawn and I can speak from experience of the healing power of food. There is a burgeoning community of women thought leaders who are determined to demystify the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle for women and provide a greater perspective on a topic that has been widely viewed from the standpoint of a man.

Key takeaways and what we covered in this interview:

  • How Shawn was introduced to the ketogenic diet and why she fell in love with it.
  • The story of how keto helped her get off of medication while dealing with a serious illness.
  • We discuss our experiences with sustaining long-term ketosis and its impact on health.
  • The difficulty of finding answers for women when most of the material out there is oriented towards men and bodybuilding.
  • The main pillars of health and nutrition.
  • Why keto is a great entry point for achieving deeper layers of health.
  • We discuss the importance of testing and monitoring your body.
  • How stress can impact your eating and why addressing stressful eating techniques is important for creating a sustainable lifestyle.
  • How many women that have come through the medical system are really misunderstood in regards to their hormones.
  • How mindset is critical for getting on the right path to sustainable long-term good health.
  • The importance of a holistic approach because our hearts, bodies, and minds are all connected.


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