Baked Feta TikTok: Mediterranean Recipes #Shorts

Baked Feta TikTok: Mediterranean Recipes #Shorts

April 23, 2023 | More from Mediterranean

Baked Feta TikTok: Mediterranean Recipes #Shorts
This Baked Feta TikTok Recipe is an appetizer that you can prepare in just 5 minutes using a handful of ingredients – grape tomatoes, olives, fresh garlic, olive oil, honey, and dried herbs. Bake it all together with a block of feta cheese until it’s warm and soft. Serve it with crostini or pita chips! It is one of those Mediterranean recipes that your entire family will love and is perfect for sports games and casual parties.

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2 cups grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes
1 cup pitted olives preferably a medley of green olives and Kalamata olives
3 garlic cloves minced
1 tsp dried oregano plus extra
1 tsp dried basil plus extra
4 TBSP olive oil or EVOO (good quality), divided (use more oil if needed)
8 oz feta cheese block choose a full-fat, brined feta cheese, preferably, and drain the liquid before baking (NOT CRUMBLED FETA)
1 pinch red pepper flakes
2 ½ TBSP honey divided (you can skip this but it provides a balance of flavors). Use sugar-free honey for a keto appetizer!
Fresh basil and oregano optional (to garnish)
Crostini or (pita chips) to serve with

How to make baked feta cheese dip:
1. To start, place grape tomatoes and olives in a baking dish. Toss them well with minced garlic, dried oregano and basil, 3 tbsp of olive oil, and 2 tbsp of honey.
2. Using a spoon, push the vegetables to the sides of the baking dish and place the block of feta cheese right in the middle.
3. Drizzle the cheese with 1 tbsp of olive oil (

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