Mediterranean Diet 101 | The Authentic Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet 101 | The Authentic Mediterranean Diet

March 31, 2023 | More from Mediterranean

Mediterranean Diet 101 | The Authentic Mediterranean Diet

What is the Mediterranean Diet? The best diet for diabetes? The best diet for heart health? The easiest diet to follow? Learn all about the healthy, high fat diet, how it works, and determine if it is right for you!

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Our FREE 7 day Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan:

The 7 Day Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan E-Book

Our FREE 3 day Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss Meal Plan:

Free 3 Day Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Meal Plan

Our Authentic Mediterranean Diet Cookbook:

Foods of Crete E-Book Edition

The recipes:
Horta (greens) and Potatoes:

Horta (Greens) with Potatoes (Recipe and How-To Video)

Authentic Greek Salad:

Authentic Greek Salad (Horiátiki Salata)


► How to Start the Mediterranean Diet

► The Mediterranean Diet: Pros & Cons:

► How to Save Money on the Mediterranean Diet:

► What I Eat in a Day on the Mediterranean Diet:

► Mediterranean Diet for Beginners:

There are thousands of studies on the Mediterranean diet showing benefits for everything from arthritis to dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer and longevity. Doctors and dietitians are telling their patients to eat the Mediterranean Diet, but there seems to be some misconceptions and lack of education about what the diet really is.

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