Miracle Noodle Broccoli Alfredo Recipe

Miracle Noodle Broccoli Alfredo Recipe

April 11, 2019 | More from Keto

Miracle Noodle Broccoli Alfredo Recipe

The low carb pasta recipe you’ve been waiting on!

Are you in the mood for a delicious pasta dish, but you want to stay true to your keto diet? You are in luck! This Miracle Noodle broccoli alfredo recipe has all the tasty flavors you want but without the extra carbs. You won’t believe how similar it is to traditional pasta!  You can keep it keto-friendly, and I dare say nobody will notice a difference!

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For those of you who aren’t aware Miracle Noodles are a brand of noodle that is not only low carb but also low calorie. You’ll still get the texture you’re looking for without having to worry about the carb counting shooting through the roof. It’s a total win for people who are following a keto diet!

This particular recipe is a rich, creamy concoction complete with plenty of cheese and broccoli. This is the feel-good food that makes everything better after a long day in the office! The best part? You don’t have to waste your entire evening in the kitchen. It only takes 20 minutes to whip up your very own batch of low carb Miracle Noodle broccoli alfredo. Whether you’re short on time or simply don’t want to spend all of it cooking, this is the recipe for you!

Miracle Noodle broccoli alfredo is absolutely satisfying enough for dinner but cooks up so quickly you can make it for a fast lunch, too. Whether you’re cooking for yourself for a solo dinner or want something to impress your dinner guests, this is the perfect meal for you.

Low carb, delicious, and cooks up in minutes–what more could you possibly ask for? You’ll definitely want to try this meal ASAP! Be sure to let your family and friends know just how much you loved it.

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Miracle Noodle Broccoli Alfredo Recipe
Macros per serving:
• 175 Calories
• 16g of Fat
• 4.5g of Protein
• 2.5g of Net Carbs
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes


  • 2ounces

    cream cheese(softened)

  • 1ounce


  • 1/4cup

    heavy cream

  • 1/4cup

    grated parmesan cheese

  • 1/4teaspoon

    garlic powder

  • 1teaspoon

    olive oil

  • 1 1/2cups

    broccoli florets

  • 2packages

    Miracle Noodles (fettuccini style)

  • salt and pepper

  1. Combine the cream cheese and butter in a small saucepan over low heat.

  2. When the butter and cream cheese are melted, whisk in the heavy cream and parmesan cheese until smooth and well combined.

  3. Add the garlic powder, salt, and pepper then remove from heat.

  4. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium heat and add the broccoli.

  5. Season the broccoli with salt and pepper and stir-fry for about 3 to 4 minutes until bright green.

  6. Rinse the Miracle Noodles in cool water then pat dry.

  7. Add the noodles to the skillet with the broccoli and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring often.

  8. Pour the sauce over the noodles and broccoli then cook until heated through. Serve hot.

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