How to Make CHAFFLES! Tips and Tricks you need to know!

How to Make CHAFFLES!  Tips and Tricks you need to know!

January 13, 2020 | More from Most Popular

How to Make CHAFFLES! Tips and Tricks you need to know!


What are chaffles? Chaffles are a waffle with a cheese base. Most are made with regular cheese or cream cheese depending on the recipe.

UPDATE! We have create a Keto Chaffles Recipe ebook COOKBOOK that can be purchased here:

Or you can order the printed version from Amazon (affliate link)
Where do I find chaffle recipes? We have a huge list of all the BEST Chaffle Recipes in one blog post here:

Is there a Facebook Group I can join with others who love chaffle recipes? Yes, I invite you to join our private Facebook Group called Keto Chaffle Recipes here:

How many carbs are in a chaffle? This depends on the recipe. Each recipe is different.

What is the name of the cookbook you mentioned in the beginning of this video? It’s called Keto Friendly Recipes: Easy Keto for Busy People and can be purchased at Sam’s, Walmart, Barnes & Noble or you can grab your copy here on Amazon too (affiliate link)

Are Chaffles Low Carb Or Keto Friendly? Yes, both!

Can I make a chaffle with a regular size waffle maker or do I absolutely need a mini waffle maker? You can use any machine you want. For the larger size waffle makers, you might need to double the recipe or only use 1/2 of your machine to make a chaffle.

Spatula Tongs I used in the video: (affiliated link)

Mini Waffle Maker I use: (affiliate link)

Where can I buy a Chaffle T-shirt?
Use Promo Code: CHAFFLE to get an extra discount on anything in the store.

Where do I find even more low carb or Keto recipes?

Where do I get KETO MEAL PLANS for FREE?!! Add your email to my list and I will send you an email each week with a meal plan, grocery list

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