Making AVOCADO OIL From Scratch I Recipe

Making AVOCADO OIL From Scratch I Recipe

July 25, 2021 | More from Avocado Oil

Making AVOCADO OIL From Scratch I Recipe

Learn how to make nourishing and nutritious avocado oil at home. Avocado oil has many health benefits and can be used for cooking or for cosmetic purposes like skincare, hair care, nails care and more!

Why make your own avocado oil?
Unfortunately researches in the US (University of California Davis) have found that over 80% of avocado oils sold in stores are lacking in quality, are rancid, or do not even contain avocado oil, but cheap replacements! To ensure quality and authenticity you could make homemade avocado oil.

What you should consider
I had lots of fun making this DIY avocado oil, because I had many cheap, overripe avocados. But you should consider that 1 avocado only makes 10ml of oil. The process of making avocado oil could also take one or multiple days (I will explain different methods below). Avocados are also not very sustainable in some parts of the world. Overall it is only worth it if you have many cheap overripe avocados, or you are doing it for the fun of it!

What to use avocado oil for?
– skincare: nourishes dry skin, increases cell turnover, protects against free radicals
– nails: strengthens nails
– hair: supports hair growth, keeps hair from going brittle
– scalp: can help with dandruff

– cooking: avocado oil has a high smoking point so it can be used for stir-fry
– salad dressings
– baking
– homemade mayonnaise

Recipe for homemade avocado oil
– ripe or overripe avocados
– 1 avocado = 10ml oil
– Cut avocados
– Remove stone (carefully with a spoon)
– Scoop flesh in a bowl
– Mash avocados finely
– Spread avocado mash thinly on a tray
– Leave avocados to brown and dehydrate in a dark place
– Spread avocados again one the surface browned
– Repeat this until the avocados are fully browned
– Wrap the avocado mash in a thin cloth or cheesecloth and squeeze the oil out
– Store oil in a dark bottle

– This methods takes several days (2-3 days)
– To speed up the process you can put the tray in an oven of 30°C/ 80°F and re

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