Next Level Chaffles – Six Chaffle Recipes Compared

Next Level Chaffles - Six Chaffle Recipes Compared

January 13, 2020 | More from Most Popular

Next Level Chaffles – Six Chaffle Recipes Compared

READ THIS PLEASE: First off, this was my first big video. They get better (in my opinion) from here. There’s less chewing and the editing is tighter. Also, apologies for the music. I don’t use music any more.

In this video, I not only get my first taste of a “chaffle”, I also compare six different recipes to see the impact on taste and texture. NOTE: Despite the caption for chaffle #6 that says to use half the mixture per chaffle, you should only use 1/4 to 1/3rd of the “batter” or it will overflow your mini waffle maker. Also, depending on your waffle maker, a chaffle can take anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes. When you haven’t seen any steam come out of your waffle maker for 30 seconds, you should be good to go.

Here’s a link to the Keto Connect ramekin bread that I mention:

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