Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Recipe

January 23, 2020 | More from Most Popular

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Recipe

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Popeyes Chicken Sandwhich ????‍???? Ingredients:

– Eggs
– Chicken
– Mayo
– Pickles
– Brioche Bun
– Cayenne
– Paprika
– Salt & Pepper
– Flour


1. Season chicken: 1TBS Cayenne, 1TBS Salt&Pepper, 1/4 C Tobasco, mix

2. Flour Mix: 2C Flour, 1/2C Corn Starch, 1TBS Cayenne & Paprika, 1TBPS Salt&Pepper

3. Egg Mix: 2 Eggs, equal amount of buttermilk (1/2C Buttermilk)

4. Pour egg mix over chicken, cover all the chicken and let that sit for 20-60mins

5. Then take chicken and coat every crevice of the chicken with flour and make sure to pack the flour in

6. Spicy Mayo: 1/2C Mayo, a pinch or sprinkle of cayenne and paprika, 1TBS Tobasco

7. Heat 1/2 inch of oil in pan, check heat with a chopstick. It is ready when you place tip of chopstick in and bubbles form around it
8. Fry chicken 5-7 mins each side till it’s golden brown. Place it on a dish with paper towels to drain excess oil

9. On toasted brioche bun put Spicy mayo both sides, pickles on bottom, the chicken, then top it.

10. Eat.

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